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Who is Boystory?

Who is Boystory?

Who is Boystory?

‘“Boystory boutique was established in March of 2021 but the concept lived in my head for nine years..”

        My name is Xiomara and I am the co-owner of Boystory along with my mother, Mirna. I have worked in retail my whole professional career  with my specialty being merchandising. Back in 2011, I was a merchandiser for a children's specialty store and later transitioned into merchandising for all other departments in high-end department stores. My knowledge in children’s merchandise grew and my attention to quality is what has made me realize there was quite a gap when it came to boy’s clothing and styles. That is when an “only” boy boutique idea was born, with all the options that are out there for girls I felt that there had to be a place for a boymom. I had seen the need for an earth-friendly clothing store, that was also gender-neutral but catered to our boys and moms in need, in a market that provides so many options for girls. Fast forward to 2018 - I was welcoming my first baby boy, who totally stole my heart and it was an amazing feeling to be a part of the boymom world. A few years later, my second baby boy was born and I took this as a sign that bringing this clothing boutique to fruition was our purpose. 

            After doing extensive research, we found that the first year of a baby’s life is the most vulnerable for their ultra-sensitive skin. We looked into all materials available and decided that 100% organic cotton was the right product to carry. We knew it would be safer for our little guys and planet. Our mindset for catering to our boys and our planet meant making sure to have a small ecological footprint on the earth as we launched our brand, Boystory.  

            We currently work hard to hand pick products from brands that have been ethically produced as well as made with 100% organic cotton. Our shipping supplies and marketing supplies are all made from recycled materials and we focus on buying small batches to make sure we are not wasteful. 

What’s next? Our hope is to be able to design our own classic and trendy styles as well as produce our own ethically-made products in the near future to ensure that our brand is and continues to stand behind our company’s motto, “Safe for our boys & the earth”.

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